guy kissing a girl

Most Sensitive Parts of The Body: Infographics

When going to bed with a girl, guys have a tendency to just pay attention to a her most obvious erogenous zones. Her lips and breasts get a good workout, and then most guys focus shifts to almost entirely between her legs. These are certainly among the most sensitive parts of the body, but to ignore the less obvious pleasure spots means that the sweet love you’re going to make isn’t quite as sweet... Read More »

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Dating Younger Women: Hooking Up Across The Age Gap

We’ve all done it… We’ve seen an older man and a younger woman together, whether enjoying a stroll or having a meal together at a restaurant. You can’t help but wonder, are they a couple, or just father and daughter? They laugh, they trade stories and you’ve all but convinced yourself that it’s daddy and his little girl when they lean in for a kiss. No, that’s not an affectionate peck on the cheek... Read More »

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Do Women Like Fat Men? A Guide to Finding Women for The Larger Gentleman

It’s a fact that some guys spend more time on the sofa stuffing deep fried treats into their mouths than they do playing sport or being active. OK, so technically bowling is a sport, but any sport where you’re sitting on your butt 95% of the time and gulping down beer the rest of the time isn’t going to do wonders for your waistline. Maybe you’re one of these guys whose stomach is more like a keg ... Read More »

9 Tips On How To Flirt With Women Like A Master

9 Tips On How To Flirt With Women Like A Master

The art of flirting is something guys get better with as they grow older. When you’re young and first discovering the mysteries of women you might be lucky enough to play spin the bottle at a party, and might be unlucky enough to get the girl who looks like Jabba the Hut in a wig. But hey – it’s all part of your education. As guys get a bit older and start to wonder about how to flirt with w... Read More »

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What Women Want in Bed (And How to Give It to Them)

Porn has a lot to answer for. It makes casual sex without condoms seem like the normal thing to do, although we know that it can result in weird lumps on your dick (and babies). Porn has also taught a generation of young men that women supposedly routinely flip their hair around during sex, scream with pleasure and urge their partners to go “Harder! Faster! Deeper!” Real life sex isn’t like this, ... Read More »

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What to Text a Girl and Get What You Want

There are some people who know how to use Twitter well, and many who fail miserably. You only get 140 characters so you can’t really get too complex, or even worry about correct grammar. It’s fine if you’re tweeting funny things to friends, but if you want to delve into the reasons why Sex and the City 2 is one of the signs of the apocalypse, then you might encounter some difficulties. It’s the sa... Read More »

second date

Perfect Second Date Ideas: How to Get The Most Out Of It

A few compliments are always recommended on a first date, and a first date often has an experimental feeling to it - you need to make sure that there’s a real connection, and that you do indeed like the parts of her face that are covered in skin. The second date is often the weird one though. You’ve worked out that you like your first impression of the person, and so you want to do the whole getti... Read More »

How To Pick Up A Girl: And How I Get 56% More Girls Following These Tips

How To Pick Up A Girl: And How I Get 56% More Girls Following These Tips

It’s probably a good idea that Hollywood gives us a new James Bond every ten years or so. It would be depressing if the ultimate male fantasy life aged like a real person. James Bond would be in a British Secret Service retirement home taking his false teeth out to flirt with the nurses as they lifted him into his wheelchair, and then begging the doctors to give him a new prescription for viagra. ... Read More »

Tinde Dating Tips

Tinder Dating Tips: How I Doubled My Tinder Matches

If you’re new to Tinder, then you might be wondering what took you so long. You were missing out on a fun and straightforward way to meet nice (and of course, hot) women in your surrounding area for fun and possibly even romance (but yeah, let’s be honest… mostly for fun). It’s kind of weird how Tinder allows online interaction in the way that MySpace used to do. Remember that old school form of o... Read More »

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Top 8 Dating Rules That Every Men Should Follow

Most men over a certain age will have probably seen an episode or two of Sex and the City. This show was seen by many women as groundbreaking – a real cultural phenomena, and as such, many guys will have seen the show with a female friend, or maybe you even like to watch it alone (hey, no judgment).  Consider yourself lucky if you’ve never seen either of the Sex and the City excursions onto t... Read More »

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How to Make a Girl Want You: 5 Tips That Make It Look Easy

Finding the right girl for you may seem as difficult as catching a shooting star – but plenty of people do it every day. What often turns out to be even more difficult than just finding the right person is actually keeping that person interested in you in the long-term. Plenty of people can find a partner for a night or even a couple of months, but building anything that lasts longer is a tr... Read More »

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No Clue About Perfect Date Ideas? Here’s What You Need to Know

You might have seen the 2004 Adam Sandler comedy 50 First Dates, in which he plays commitment phobic Henry Roth who meets and falls in love with Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore). Lucy suffers from short term memory loss, so each time she meets Henry and agrees to go on a date with him, she has no memory of the fact that all this has happened before and Henry is able to use his previous knowledge of ... Read More »

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