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Tinder Dating Tips: How I Doubled My Tinder Matches

If you’re new to Tinder, then you might be wondering what took you so long. You were missing out on a fun and straightforward way to meet nice (and of course, hot) women in your surrounding area for fun and possibly even romance (but yeah, let’s be honest… mostly for fun). It’s kind of weird how Tinder allows online interaction in the way that MySpace used to do. Remember that old school form of o... Read More »

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Top 8 Dating Rules That Every Men Should Follow

Most men over a certain age will have probably seen an episode or two of Sex and the City. This show was seen by many women as groundbreaking – a real cultural phenomena, and as such, many guys will have seen the show with a female friend, or maybe you even like to watch it alone (hey, no judgment).  Consider yourself lucky if you’ve never seen either of the Sex and the City excursions onto t... Read More »

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How to Make a Girl Want You: 5 Tips That Make It Look Easy

Finding the right girl for you may seem as difficult as catching a shooting star – but plenty of people do it every day. What often turns out to be even more difficult than just finding the right person is actually keeping that person interested in you in the long-term. Plenty of people can find a partner for a night or even a couple of months, but building anything that lasts longer is a tr... Read More »

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No Clue About Perfect Date Ideas? Here’s What You Need to Know

You might have seen the 2004 Adam Sandler comedy 50 First Dates, in which he plays commitment phobic Henry Roth who meets and falls in love with Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore). Lucy suffers from short term memory loss, so each time she meets Henry and agrees to go on a date with him, she has no memory of the fact that all this has happened before and Henry is able to use his previous knowledge of ... Read More »

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Stop Wasting Your Time – 7 Dating Tips for Men

Some people find the period of their life when they are dating around to be one of the most fun and exciting times they can imagine. For others, it was a stressful ordeal that now that they are coupled up, are happy is over. Whether you fall in the latter or the former category, dating is a complicated matter that takes a bit of know-how and a lot of patience to master. Especially if you are getti... Read More »

Super Secrets to Motivate Yourself All the Time

Super Secrets to Motivate Yourself All the Time

Article Summary Every six months there is a new theory on motivation and the buzz is out for the new secret that keeps humans motivated for life. We read the books, get motivated and one morning, we are again uninspired for anything. Super Secrets… There are days when getting out of bed seems like an ordeal and life seems to have come to a halt. Some of us binge on sugars others refuse to do... Read More »

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49 Powerful Motivational Quotes to Kickstart Your Day

Here is a nice collection of some of the best quotes that people share the most online. This exclusive collection was handpicked by CrazierLife’s editor. Enjoy… Please don’t forget to share this inspirational collection of quotes with your friends and family on the social media networks listed below. Thank you! Read More »

Motivation Which Comes From THE Inside is Always Exceptional

Motivation Which Comes From THE Inside is Always Exceptional

Have you ever reflected upon the idea that drives you to accomplish or attain something that should always be yours? Temperamentally, motivation is that internal vigor that helps you to achieve seemingly distant goals. More willingly than the desire to achieve your goal, it’s a strong internal instinct that compels one to have possession over an aspiration. Intrinsic motivation is the right term t... Read More »

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Find Your Passion – Live Your Dream

About ten years ago, I was living in Japan and teaching conversational English.  One afternoon, we had a discussion about our life’s dreams.  “What are your dreams?” I asked the class. One 18-year girl dreamt of owning a Louis-Vuitton handbag by the time she was 29.  Another dreamed about getting married and having children.  They weren’t big dreams and they weren’t very interesting, but I w... Read More »

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The 8 Step Checklist To Start Your Business In 10 Days

Recently, Entrepreneur Magazine ran an article: How to Start a Business in 10 Days.  Writer, David Port called his article a “highly-focused, DIY accelerator to launching a business.” Now you all know that we like optimism as much as the next guy.  But starting a business in just 10 days?  Sounds a bit like a get-rich scheme from an infomercial. We’ve all been taught if it’s too good to be true, t... Read More »

21 Wealthiest People In The World – Infographics

21 Wealthiest People In The World – Infographics

Have you ever wondered who the richest people in the world are? Can you even imagine how much these people own or what their combined wealth would amount to? With earnings ranging from 22 billion all the way up to 73 billion, these business owners really do have it all. Our info graphic highlights the estimated net worth of each of these individuals and also includes snippets of information relati... Read More »

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Real Life Motivational Story – The Man Behind Promise Or Pay

Our guest today is Jay Boolkin the founder of Promise or Pay: It has almost been one year since I moved to Cambodia. Over that time I have mastered the art of riding a moto on the lawless streets of Phnom Penh, failed at learning Khmer, played paintball in an abandoned motel, lived through post-election riots, been extorted by police, learnt to juggle at Angkor Wat, bought Nitrous Oxide balloons i... Read More »

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