best tinder pickup lines

The 24 Best Tinder Pickup Lines: Swipe Right and Have Fun!

Tinder is getting really popular nowadays and rumored to have more than 10 million active users on a daily basis. So guys, if you are single and not living under a rock you should definitely jump into to this boat and start playing with this cool app. But many people are struggling with the first sentences after a successful match. Well we collected the best tinder pickup lines for you that help y... Read More »

pick up artist

7 Pick Up Artist Techniques That Work

Have you ever watched a guy trying to pick up a girl? It can be an interesting and often funny thing to observe, especially when it’s a stranger. If you see a buddy trying to use his pick up artist techniques on a girl, you’ll probably have a good idea of the things he’ll say and maybe even how she’ll respond. But if you’re at a bar or a party and see a guy trying to talk to a girl he finds attrac... Read More »

girl rejecting guy

Plenty of Fish In The Sea: How to Deal With Rejection From a Girl

Your buddies always tend to tell you the same things when you’ve been rejected by a girl. They tell you that you’re a great guy, that you’ll find someone better, and that there are plenty of fish in the sea. Thanks guys, but you don’t want a fish. You want a girl. You want that girl, and she doesn’t want you, and life sucks. There are the usual approaches when you’re working out how to deal with r... Read More »

kissing tips

How To Kiss A Woman: 6 Kissing Tips For Men

Do you remember your first kiss? You might have followed the time honored tradition of hooking up with a girl at some early teen party, being forced together with a game of spin the bottle or maybe even seven minutes in heaven if you were lucky. Your heart would have been thumping, and depending on your excitement level, you might have also had another body part that was thumping… lower down. You ... Read More »

sexy dream girl

How To Get The Girl of Your Dreams: A Guide For Romantic Guys

Can you picture your dream girl? We’re not just talking a total sexual fantasy type of girl, but someone who is a total package. Sure, your dream girl would be someone who satisfies your sexual needs, and you hers – the type of girl who when asked what her sexual orientation is, would reply “horizontal.” When thinking about how to get the girl of your dreams you need to realize that you migh... Read More »

shy guy in a bar

How to Approach Women And Get Awesome Results

Remember when you could smoke in pretty much any bar or club? Sure, smoking is kind of gross but when an enclosed place had a lot of smoke hanging in the air it made everyone look a little more attractive. The smoke gave everyone an airbrushed/Photoshopped look that only became obvious when we actually started talking to another person and could see that the hot girl looked like an over the hill d... Read More »

online dating screen

Online Dating Tips For Men: How To Get The Girl That You’re Looking For

It’s amazing how awesome some women look in photographs, even if it’s not the same in real life. If you were on a dating website and saw a photo of Madonna, you would think she’s still kind of hot even though she’s a little bit older. If you actually went on a date with her, you would see that without the benefits of a skilled makeup artist and Photoshop, she looks more like some kind of lizard tr... Read More »

guy kissing a girl

Most Sensitive Parts of The Body: Infographics

When going to bed with a girl, guys have a tendency to just pay attention to a her most obvious erogenous zones. Her lips and breasts get a good workout, and then most guys focus shifts to almost entirely between her legs. These are certainly among the most sensitive parts of the body, but to ignore the less obvious pleasure spots means that the sweet love you’re going to make isn’t quite as sweet... Read More »

dating younger women

Dating Younger Women: Hooking Up Across The Age Gap

We’ve all done it… We’ve seen an older man and a younger woman together, whether enjoying a stroll or having a meal together at a restaurant. You can’t help but wonder, are they a couple, or just father and daughter? They laugh, they trade stories and you’ve all but convinced yourself that it’s daddy and his little girl when they lean in for a kiss. No, that’s not an affectionate peck on the cheek... Read More »

fat guy with chicks

Do Women Like Fat Men? A Guide to Finding Women for The Larger Gentleman

It’s a fact that some guys spend more time on the sofa stuffing deep fried treats into their mouths than they do playing sport or being active. OK, so technically bowling is a sport, but any sport where you’re sitting on your butt 95% of the time and gulping down beer the rest of the time isn’t going to do wonders for your waistline. Maybe you’re one of these guys whose stomach is more like a keg ... Read More »

9 Tips On How To Flirt With Women Like A Master

9 Tips On How To Flirt With Women Like A Master

The art of flirting is something guys get better with as they grow older. When you’re young and first discovering the mysteries of women you might be lucky enough to play spin the bottle at a party, and might be unlucky enough to get the girl who looks like Jabba the Hut in a wig. But hey – it’s all part of your education. As guys get a bit older and start to wonder about how to flirt with w... Read More »

feets in bed

What Women Want in Bed (And How to Give It to Them)

Porn has a lot to answer for. It makes casual sex without condoms seem like the normal thing to do, although we know that it can result in weird lumps on your dick (and babies). Porn has also taught a generation of young men that women supposedly routinely flip their hair around during sex, scream with pleasure and urge their partners to go “Harder! Faster! Deeper!” Real life sex isn’t like this, ... Read More »

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